Victims of abuse making enquiries with Jordans Solicitors may be advised by our team of experts to pursue a “CICA” claim. Solicitor Lee Fannon took the time to help break down the differences between a “Civil” and “CICA” claim, what conditions are required to pursue the claim and how it will affect any potential compensation you will receive.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government scheme that can make monetary awards for innocent victims of violent crime.

Lee said: “At Jordans, we assess the strengths of your case and may deem it worthwhile to explore the merits of pursuing a CICA claim. This would depend on the unique facts and circumstances of your case and whether you meet the relevant criteria.”

The strict criteria guidelines for the pursuit of CICA claims include the offence must have taken place after 1964, the abuse having been reported to the police and the claimant having no previous convictions

Lee added: “The key difference between “Civil” and “”CICA” claims is that the former is made directly against an individual or organisation responsible, and they are in turn responsible for paying any compensation awarded by a court. An award under the CICA scheme is made following an application under the scheme which has its own rules.

“Jordans will assist you with such a claim and advise you on whether a “Civil” or “CICA” claim is more appropriate. In some cases the pursuit of both may be advised.

“A civil case can take much longer to resolve than CICA one, but can result in greater compensation awards. However if it is not practical to pursue a civil claim, for example, if the person or organisation is unable to pay compensation awarded to you, a CICA claim may be a reasonable alternative.”

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