The biggest public inquiry into the historic sexual abuse of children is to begin, headed by Justice Lowell Goddard.

Judge Lowell Goddard has revealed details about 12 lines of investigation which are to be followed by a further 13 lines of investigation covering churches, institutions, care homes, and individuals in power. The scale of the public inquiry is immense, and will be no easy feat.

The investigation will cover high profile figures such as Bishop of Lewes, Peter Ball and Liberal MP, Cyril Smith; and Judge Lowell Goddard stresses that she will not shy away from naming names, be it people or establishments.

The inquiry will concern a number of our current clients, as Jordans Solicitors currently deal with hundreds of cases relating to the Medomsley Detention Centre, which will be separately investigated by the inquiry, and other custodial institutions. Jordans Solicitors are also acting for claimants in claims against the church, which will also form part of the inquiry and claims against councils with regards to care homes, which will again form part of the large-scale inquiry.

We hope that the inquiry will shed some light on why physical and sexual abuse was allowed to go on at these institutions and by such public figures and provide some answers to those affected by this abuse.

If you have been affected by historic abuse, our specialist team of solicitors are on hand to provide assistance, and have experience with hundreds of historic abuse cases such as those being investigated in the public inquiry.

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