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Jordans Solicitors Expert Support and Legal Advice on Accidents on Holiday

Whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger or driver of a vehicle, Jordans Solicitors Accidents Abroad Claims Team can help you with your personal injury claim abroad.  More and more holiday makers are taking their cars to Europe or beyond or hiring cars or bikes at their resort. Often English workers are sent abroad by their employers and need to drive as part of their job.

Travelling on foreign roads is often a precarious and unfamiliar activity.  It is no surprise that many people are involved in road traffic accidents when on holiday abroad.

It is wrong to assume that because the accident happened abroad the claim must be made in the country where the accident occurs.  Jordans Solicitors Accidents Abroad Claims Team are able to take a claim in the English courts for you but this is a complex area of law and it is vital you make the right choices about where you bring your case at the onset.

Accidents in the EU

In Europe road users has the benefit of EU laws and motor insurance directives which compels European insurers to appoint a UK handling agent to deal with Accidents Abroad claims making European claims for road accidents abroad a relatively straightforward claim.

If you are unfortunately involved in an accident abroad do not leave the scene until you are fully aware of what has occurred and you have spoken to the other driver and Police (in most accidents abroad the Police must be called).  You are likely to be asked to sign a European Accident Statement which ensures the correct information has been exchanged between those involved in the accident.  Please obtain a copy before you leave the scene.  Accidents that occurred outside the EU may be slightly different.

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