Jordans Solicitors Can Provide Expert Support and Legal Advice in Relation to Compensation for Child Abuse

Our team can help survivors of abuse anywhere in the world who suffered abuse in England and Wales. We work alongside Psychologists and Barristers to fight for compensation and help childhood abuse survivors plan for their futures and rebuild their lives after traumatic events of the past.

Our dedicated team have successfully represented large and smaller group actions as Lead Solicitors as well as handling complex individual cases. Because of the sensitive nature of child abuse claims, it is vital to use a firm with a dedicated child abuse team to handle your case in order to secure the best possible compensation outcome.

We’ve already made a difference

One of the leading firms in this field, we have helped achieve a landmark change in the Law at the House of Lords which means that the Court can disapply the three year time limit when a child abuse claim needs to be brought before the Court.  No matter how long ago the abuse occurred you may still be able to make a successful claim.  This means that victims of childhood abuse who are now adults and find it difficult to talk about their experience before, may be able to bring claims that otherwise would have been rejected in the past and move on with their lives.

Our Abuse Team is committed to helping victims of abuse and to date we have helped many victims recover compensation and achieve justice against those who were responsible for their traumatic experiences.


We can help at every stage

Speak to an advisor specialising in child abuse claims at Jordans today to learn more about the claims process.   Even if you have started a case elsewhere it may be possible to transfer your claim to be handled by our dedicated team at Jordans who can advise on the Court process and CICA awards.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I make a claim?

If you have been subjected to abuse from someone who was in a position of trust you may be entitled to compensation. Click here to find out more.

How would I pay For a claim?

Financing a claim can be a major concern for many people who may be entitled to compensation, with many people put off by the potential costs of making a claim. This is where Jordans Solicitors can help you.

We may be able to take your case under a Conditional Fee Agreement, also known as a “No Win, No Fee” Agreement.

At your initial consultation, our experts will advise whether you qualify for a No Win, No Fee service and explain in full the terms of such an agreement. In brief, as long as you stick to certain obligations, such as providing regular instructions, under a Conditional Fee Agreement you will not be charged unless we secure you compensation either by out of court settlement or legal proceedings. If you are not successful, you will be charged nothing, hence “No Win, No Fee”.

The law in relation to these agreements changed in 2013. It now states that, if your claim succeeds, the Defendants are responsible for your basic legal costs. Your solicitor will then be entitled to a “success fee” payable from your damages, which is calculated as a percentage of the legal costs. In most cases, this success fee will be capped by agreement.

Jordans will work tirelessly to ensure that we maximise any damages to which you are entitled.

What compensation could I get?

Jordans Solicitors understands that no amount of money will make up for abuse suffered as a child and we recognise that the effects can be long lasting and widespread, which is why we will fight to secure the maximum possible compensation for your case.

The compensation that is awarded in a child abuse claim depends on each individual case and can be affected by the severity of the abuse, any injuries suffered and how long the abuse went on for. Our specialist solicitors will be able to advise you on how the courts will assess your compensation claim and how this will affect the amount of compensation you could receive.

Will I lose my benefits if I get compensation?

Our specialists are often asked by clients about how their compensation will affect their benefits. Your benefits can be protected by setting up a trust and our expert lawyers will be able to advise you further on this.

Will my details be kept confidential?

Jordans Solicitors specialise in abuse cases, so we understand that confidentiality is of the utmost importance, in cases which can be highly sensitive and complex.

Our expert lawyers have specific expertise in handling child abuse claims, meaning that your claim will be handled with the utmost levels of professionalism, sensitivity and understanding.

You can rest assured that your Expert Child Abuse Lawyer, the Barrister helping us in your case and any medical experts instructed will treat your case in the strictest confidence. All of the parties involved in your case are under a legal obligation to keep your identity a secret and all of your personal information will be kept completely confidential.

Do I have to go to Court?

The prospect of going to court and reliving such emotional incidents can be extremely off-putting for many people who could be entitled to compensation. However, in most cases, it is possible to settle a claim without the need to go to Court.
More than 98% of child abuse compensation claims handled by Jordans Solicitors are settled out of Court, meaning that you won’t be expected to attend a court hearing at any stage of your claim.

In the event that your case does go to Court, our expert lawyers can give you clear advice on how to handle the process and support you throughout. We understand that reliving your experiences in Court can be difficult, which is why our legal experts are specially trained to provide you and your family with the support that you need.

Our Commitment to Victims of Child Abuse

Our child abuse team is led by Christine Sands.

To see how Jordans Solicitors can help you please call our dedicated child abuse department number on 0800 9555 094 or request a call-back.

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