Jordan’s Wakefield office has been transformed into a gallery as a showcase for artists in collaboration with members of the Art House that opened last year on Drury Lane in Wakefield. Head of Company and Commercial law, Cathy Cook, wanted to support the Art House and also to raise the profile of Jordans Solicitors in the local area. The Art House supports artists and provides specialist studios for disabled and non-disabled artists at their Drury Lane Premises.

Cathy called the Director of the Art House, Liz Whitehouse, and said “We’d like to put your artists’ pictures on our walls”. Jordans were then inundated by submissions from artists and Altoft’s artist Carrie Scott-Huby was selected and her work will be on display until the end of March. The intention is that the exhibition will continue on a rolling basis and enough artists have been selected for two years of exhibitions.

The project kicked off with a preview evening for clients and supporters of the firm at the beginning of December. Carrie Scott-Huby, who is a Bretton Hall graduate, said people could be “tense” when they walked through the door of a solicitor or into a doctor’s waiting room so she deliberately opted for calming landscapes and a vibrant picture for the reception are. In the boardroom there are floral pictures featuring words and a textured canvas made out of recycled brown envelopes. The focal point is her “map” of Dewsbury, which shows roads leading to Wakefield, which is very apt as Jordans started in Kirklees 40 years ago, and still has 3 offices in the area.

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