‘Splitting up and want to remain friends after the lawyers have become involved?’ – an alternative and new approach to resolving family matters including divorce, separation and parenting disputes.

Collaborative practice is a welcome alternative option and a revolutionary approach for people who want to avoid the uncertainties of the traditional court based system to resolve problems which often have left people feeling that they are being pulled uncontrollably along a legal conveyor belt.

It allows clients to benefit from expert legal advice without risking the threat of court action whilst negotiating through family problems together. Clients are free to dictate the agenda and the pace of the collaborative process.

The process helps maintain channels of communication between you and your partner. This can be especially important for parents who will need to cooperate after a divorce and separation. People who have been involved in the process have found that they are more likely to maintain a friendship with their former partner having gone through the collaborative process together.

The process involves both parties working with specially trained collaborative lawyers. Each party receives legal advice and guidance and together with your lawyers issues are discussed and resolved through face to face meetings.

Provided everyone enters and completes the process in good faith the process is faster and less acrimonious than court proceedings. Costs savings can be made as paperwork is reduced and substantial time is saved compared to using the traditional court process and exchange of lengthy and sometimes misunderstood correspondence.

There are a growing number of collaborative lawyers in Yorkshire who are supportive and provide a creative approach to the legal, emotional and practical problems of family breakdown.

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