Those wondering what their rights are if they become pregnant at work should take note of new guidance from BERR.

New regulations came into force last October and BERR has produced some useful guidance to employers who have a pregnant worker or a worker who has recently given birth. The BERR guide to maternity rights considers the Maternity and Parental Leave amendment Regulations that have applied to all employees whose expected week of childbirth began on or after 5 October 2008. Those regulations removed the distinction between ordinary and additional maternity leave amongst other changes. Women employees continue to be entitled to 6 weeks on 90% pay (or £123.06 per week if lower), 33 weeks at £123.06 a week (or 90% of pay if lower) and the balance of their 52 weeks maximum leave unpaid. Some employers choose to be more generous. There is also legislation that prevents employees returning to work earlier than 2 weeks after they give birth (and four weeks for factory workers).

We can advise you if you believe you have been discriminated against at work or have not been given your full entitlement in terms of maternity or paternity rights. Please call Debbie Mactaggart at Jordans Solicitors on 01924 387110.

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