Being involved in an accident that is not your fault can be a very dramatic experience regardless of the seriousness of any injuries you may have suffered. The trauma will be exacerbated if you later learn that you have accepted compensation offered to you that was much lower that you should have recovered.

Solicitors acting on behalf of injured clients are concerned to note a growing trend amongst insurance companies of contacting the party injured by their insured and offering to settle the claim quickly and without fuss, often it seems for sums that are vastly less than the Claimant is entitled to.

“Third Party Capture” as this practice is known in the insurance industry, is an effective method of reducing the insurance company’s legal costs however the losers are the Claimant who is often left out of pocket.

This approach is often made in the name of helping the Claimant to “sort things out” often accompanied with offers of hire cars free of charge or help with physiotherapy bills and is ordinarily made in the first few days after the accident occurred when the Claimant may be feeling vulnerable or insecure.

It is essential for anyone who is involved in an accident that was not there fault to access specialised legal advice as soon as they can so that they have a clear idea of their rights and the potential value of their claim.

It is important to remember there is no rush to settle their claim despite the impression they may be given as Personal Injury claims have a three year period after the accident in which they can be settled.

Should you be in an accident, be contacted by the other side’s insurance company and/or receive offers of settlement, before you agree to anything seek legal advice. Often specialist Personal Injury solicitors will offer initial advice free of charge.

If you are injured in an accident you should take independent legal advice.

If you are a trade union member or a family member is you can receive this free through the union’s legal service. If you are not go to a specialist personal injury law. Do not trust insurers who knock on your door who want to talk about a claim, or ring or write to you and offer compensation.

There are time limits for pursuing personal injury claims (usually 3 years) so do not rush into accepting any financial offer.

For further advice, contact Christine Sands at Jordans Solicitors Castleford Office in West Yorkshire.

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