You can’t take it with you, so don’t leave your bereft family to fight over it. A new BBC series shows that writing a will is one of the most important financial and personal decisions a person should make. The series, You Can’t Take It with You, is screening on BBC2 on Friday evenings. We are tremendously pleased this series is highlighting just how important it is to seek proper legal advice to ensure people’s wishes are respected, and to avoid causing distress, and even conflict, among grieving relatives.

The six part series sees management guru Sir Gerry Robinson, one of Britain’s most respected businessmen, and a specialist wills solicitor helping a range of modern British families through the process of writing wills. The programme highlights the changing nature of family structures and the need to seek the services of a solicitor who can prepare a will to make sure it reflects existing family circumstances and a person’s wishes.

Seeking advice from properly qualified solicitors is essential. Solicitors are all trained, regulated and insured if anything should go wrong. A poorly drafted will may have no legal meaning and can cause anguish for relatives who have to deal with what should be a straightforward process but can become complicated and costly.

Responding to the series of programmes, Law Society Chief Executive Desmond Hudson said: “A will is much more than a legal document containing instructions as to what to do after your death. …There are risks to consumers in using an unregulated and unqualified person who has set up as a will writer. Unlike solicitors, will writers are not robustly regulated by law, and not all are thoroughly insured to protect against risk. Solicitors are all trained, regulated and insured if anything should go wrong.”

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