The legal market place is changing.  Recent changes in the law mean that non-lawyers are able to set up business providing legal advice.  For consumers this has been said to mean the dawn of ‘Tesco Law’.  It remains to be seen whether consumers will want to buy legal advice with their groceries but the change is forcing us all to think about the service we provide, value for money and clients’ needs.

Commercial lawyers are not unaffected by these changes and recent years have seen new businesses and old firms offering a variety of alternate ways of providing and paying for legal advice.

At Jordans Solicitors we are firmly committed to a personal service for our commercial clients lead by our experienced specialist lawyers.  We would though like our clients’ and prospective clients’ views on some of these alternatives.  Many clients are said not to like hourly rates.  Some of the alternatives include annual fees, fixed fees, capped fees, legal expenses insurance and advice and representation ‘packages’.   In the next couple of weeks I intend to blog about each of these.

We’ve taken a stand (no 34) at the Wakefield Business Conference at the Cedar Court Hotel on 26 April. Please come along then and tell us what you think.

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