Jordans Solicitors have a long history of showcasing local art in their offices. The exhibition launching this June is by two local photographers  Bob Clayden and Bill Major who will be showing work from either end of the photographic spectrum.

Christine Sands, partner at Jordans Solicitors commented “We believe it is important to make local art more accessible to the public whilst at the same time supporting and raising the profile of local artists.”

Bill Major is showing large colour images giving a view of the urban landscape that is normally only created by a painter. These pictures, up to 6 feet long, give a unique view of our world. The buildings have a mystery by seeming to be a photograph yet somehow taken from an impossible place.

Bob Clayden’s photographs are black and white images taken on film and wet processed in the darkroom, untouched by computers they show the celebration of the New Year in Ackworth from 1995 to 2007.

The exhibition is called “Mummer” which is defined as “ one who goes merrymaking in disguise during festivals“.

This is an exhibition of photographs of the New Year celebrations in Ackworth, a West Yorkshire village, where at New Year most people dress up in costumes and go from pub to pub along the high street all night, making the December night like a summer Sunday with the pubs full to bursting and the car parks filled with revellers.

This type of New Year celebration has been going on in Yorkshire since the Romans celebrated Saturnalia and has continued through the Festival of Fools to the present day. The origins are lost in time but the ancient taboos are lifted even today when sexuality and other taboos are allowed a freer rein than normal.

The exhibition is open to the public  at Jordans Solicitors Castleford offices, 2 Wesley Street, Castleford, with the official launch to be held on the 21 June 2012, from 6pm till 8pm.

For further information contact Penny Reddington on 033 03001103

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