Jordans Solicitors offers expert advice on how to get divorced.

The process of getting a divorce is normally a paper based procedure from Divorce Petition to Decree Absolute with no need to attend court in person.

Can I get a Divorce?

To get a Divorce you need:

  • To have been legally married for at least one year.
  • You can prove that your marriage has broken down irretrievably in one of five ways known as “facts”.

    To get a divorce you have to be able to show that your spouse has either:

    • Committed adultery.
    • Behaved unreasonably.
    • Been separated from you for at least two years and consent to the Divorce.
    • Deserted you more than two years ago.
    • Has been separated from you for at least five years.

    What Is The Procedure To Get A Divorce?

    The procedure for getting a Divorce is the same whichever “fact” you rely on.

    1. A Divorce Petition is issued by one spouse called the Petitioner. This is done through your local County Court and sent to the other spouse called the Respondent.
    2. When the Respondent receives the Petition he or she must complete an “Acknowledgement of Service” form and return it to the Court.
    3. The Petitioner applies for “Decree Nisi”.
    4. Usually, the Petitioner applies for “Decree Absolute”.
    5. You are then divorced.

    The process takes at least four months and can take longer.

    How Do I Get a Divorce?

    You can get help by using one of Jordans Solicitors Divorce Services:

    • We can see you face to face and prepare all the forms for you from beginning to end.

    More information >>

    • We offer an Online Divorce Service where you complete the forms yourself and we check them to make sure that they are right before you send them to the Court.

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    You can also go through the entire procedure yourself:

    • You can get all the forms from your local Court or from a Government Website and do it all yourself.

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    Children and Financial Provisions

    When people get a divorce they usually need to consider:

    • The children and how they will be looked after following
    • Money, property and other assets and how they are to
      be shared.

    We can help and advise you on these issues. More information about the services we offer on children and financial provisions can be found here.

    If you have any queries please call us on 033 03001103 and talk to one of our expert advisors.

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