Wakefield Works, a new scheme to help Wakefield’s job seekers gain that crucial first step on the career ladder, took place on the 4th of October. The scheme was the brain child of two of Wakefield’s very own successful business men: Andy Turner the managing director of First Choice Recruitment and Marcello Moccia owner of Room:97 hairdressers.

The day was full of mixed emotions; from tremendous highs that came from meeting exceptional candidates, to disappointing lows due to the non-attendance of several candidates which some businesses had been expecting to meet. Across the many businesses involved the overall turnout was lower than had been expected. However, at Jordans Solicitors we were overwhelmed to have had more than the expected number attend on the day. This may well be an indication of how popular the legal profession is at the moment.

Those who attended Wakefield Works for advice on entering the legal profession were greeted by Susan Lewis, our Head of Litigation and Disputes. Susan mostly answered questions about training in the law and how to gain crucial experience of working in law firms.

Due to the current economic climate and cuts to legal aid, the legal profession is a particularly tough industry to break into at the moment. Many law firms are reducing the number of graduates they are taking on, and sadly the number of students graduating from Law School outweighs the number of available positions. The Wakefield Works participants that we spoke to were mostly students wanting to enter the legal profession as Solicitors. To these participants Susan generally responded that “the law can be a difficult career route to follow but for those who persevere and who truly have an aptitude for law it can be a very rewarding and satisfying career choice. If it is meant to be, it will be!”

Susan also reminded participants that there are a range of rewarding positions within the legal profession, such as secretarial and paralegal roles. These roles require less pre-entry training but they enable candidates to see the job from the inside and to ascertain if a legal career might be for them. Such positions can also be an excellent stepping stone towards securing that elusive training contract.

As part of our promise to help Wakefield’s jobseekers on their journey up the career ladder, Jordans Solicitors will be offering one successfull candidate one week’s work experience to help boost their CV. Jordans also offer training contracts, details of which can be found on the firm’s web site: http://www.jordanssolicitors.co.uk/

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