Finally a National Crime Agency report confirming the extent of the abuse alleged in North Wales.

More than 140 people have told police they were the victims of abuse at 18 children’s homes across north Wales over a span of three decades.

Almost all men aged between seven and 19 at the time of the alleged offences, have identified 84 people as responsible for attacks said to have taken place between 1963 and 1992.

Sixteen of the 84 alleged perpetrators have been named more than once, and six are believed still to be alive. One suspect has been arrested to date.

One of the officers leading Operation Pallial, said many alleged victims had “provided graphic accounts of abuse, in some cases of very serious criminality”.

At a press conference in north Wales on Monday, detectives said the alleged offences ranged from serious physical assaults to rape.

Most of the 140 alleged victims had described a “clear element of grooming with a serious abuse of trust and dereliction of duty of care”.

75 of the 84 people suspected of abuse were male. Police expect to make more arrests within week

Previously, many of the complains were believed to relate to the now-closed Bryn-Estyn care home in Wrexham, but 18 institutions have now been linked to offences. Of the 140 alleged victims, 76 have made their first formal complaint since November when David Cameron ordered the national Crime Agency report at the height of The Saville sex abuse scandal.

Jordans act for many victims of historical abuse in North of Wales & we are familiar with the institutions involved.

Source: The Guardian, North Wales child abuse: more than 140 people say they were victims, Click Here to read more.

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