The headteacher of the Rydal Penrhos boarding school in Colwyn Bay, Patrick Lee Brown, has instigated an investigation into allegations of widespread physical and sexual abuse which took place at the school between 1970 and 1980.

Wales Online reports that Mr Brown has encouraged complainants to contact North Wales Police, and has advised that the school “have provided the police with all the relevant information and are giving them every assistance we can”.

Alexander Curzon, who was at the school between 1970 and 1980 was one of the boys who was physically and sexually abused during his time there and claims that his school days were a living nightmare and that “sexual abuse and mental degradation was meted out by vindictive staff. It was abhorrent. It was the worst type of sexual abuse”.

Following a complaint made to the school, he reported the instances of abuse to North Wales Police, but given the fact that the abusers are now all deceased, he did not want to pursue a criminal complaint further and waste valuable police time. he did comment that the police were willing to pursue matters further, until he “put the brakes on”. He wants to expose the events at the school in the hope that others will come forward and find some form of closure.

There is no suggestion that the allegations relate to any pupils or staff currently at the school, or that there are any concerns for the wellbeing and protection of current pupils.

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