It is well known that Yorkshire is famous for its mining heritage but what many do not know is that potentially hundreds of miners received negligent professional service when they approached solicitors regarding compensation for vibration white finger (VWF).

Symptoms include numbness and tingling caused as a result of using vibrating tools, traditionally those associated with mining.  The condition can leave suffers unable to undertake or struggle with everyday tasks such as DIY, gardening, window cleaning, decorating and car maintenance.

In a recent court case, the first of its kind, a miner won damages in his claim against his former solicitors for their negligent advice in relation to his claim for compensation for the condition.

The man made a claim for compensation under the original compensation scheme agreed with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in 1999 when he developed the condition as a consequence of his excessive use of vibrating tools during his time working in the mines.

While he received compensation for his actual condition, he did not recover damages for the difficulties he then faced in his everyday life as a consequence of that condition. The various household tasks he struggledwith became known as “services”.

The solicitors have now been made to pay the shortfall and interest from the date he would have concluded his case correctly.

Christine Sands, Head VWF professional negligence team at Jordans Solicitors, and part of a small dedicated group of claimant solicitors working on behalf on miners, said:

“With the success of this case it can open the doors for other miners to claim, and be successful”.

Jordans Solicitors has a team which specializes in professional negligence and acts for many miners in similar circumstances who believe their claim for
VWF was under-settled.

If you believe your claim for VWF was not dealt with correctly, contact us immediately 0330 3001103 as such claims are subject to time limits. For more information visit our website dedicated to VWF compensation against solicitors

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