While the misconception that it is always a stranger abducting a child is still perceived to be true child abduction by parents is more widespread than people believe. Over 500 children get taken out of the UK every year and that number is rising.

In August 2013 dad Sean Felton delivered a petition to Downing Street calling for more help for parents whose children have been taken abroad by ex-partners. After his relationship with his sons mother broke down his son was taken to Thailand by his sons mother in March 2010, without the permission of Mr Felton. This resulted in a legal battle that involved both countries to get his son back in the UK.

When his son was returned to him six months later Mr Felton set up Abducted Angels to help parents in a similar situation. The petition Jobe’s Law purposes that the law on children’s passports is changed. Mr Felton believes the current laws concerning children’s passports make it easy for a parent or grandparent to leave the UK without any questions being asked.

He proposes that in cases of mixed marriages or where two parents are not together as a couple that in order for the child to be taken out of the UK, a written agreement should be made stating the appropriate permission from the other parent, the address of where the child will be residing overseas and the return date to the UK.

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