A report from The Jewish Chronicle Online has revealed that Manchester’s largest Jewish welfare charity, The Fed, is dealing with a concerning rise in child abuse cases. Earlier this month the charity said that the number of children it deals with who require child protection measures and local authority intervention has doubled to 40. They also saw an increase of around 20% in cases were the local authorities child protection team have sought the advice of their social workers.

They believe more cases of sexual abuse of children have come to light as a result of heightened press coverage of the issue, including celebrity cases such as Michael Le Vell and Jimmy Saville. The charity has taken steps to try and reduce the issue of child abuse and has worked with the Herschel Weiss Children’s Centre in Salford and the Manchester Beth Din to produce training and guidelines for Greater Manchester Jewish schools, which are attended by 4,500 children.

It is also reporting increased casework with children because of poverty among local families. The charity is running a hard-hitting child abuse advertisement campaign highlighting that the financial support of the community is essential to maintaining its child protection work. Please read here to find out how poverty is impacting children in Dewsbury.

Jordans Lead Solicitor of the Child Abuse Compensation department, Lisa Jackson, said: “As dedicated child abuse solicitors we are pleased that many victims are now coming forward. Any victim of child abuse should be able to contact child abuse solicitors in confidence no matter how long ago the abuse took place and should be helped to achieve justice.”

Please read here to find out how Lancashire Police are confronting the issue of child exploitation.

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