On Friday 25th October Jordans Solicitors Wills, Probate and Trusts Partner Peter Kirrane and Criminal Law specialist Peter Hampson visited Westborough High School in Dewsbury during ‘inspiration through reading week’.

Upon arrival they presented a cheque for £200 to the winners of the Book Mania competition. The winners were Year 7 students and the money donated will contribute to the cost of Kindles and help the students with their learning. The students then presented their winning entry before our solicitors held a question and answer lesson with them.

Peter Kirrane spoke about Jordans Solicitors and its history before speaking about the different and important roles solicitors play in the firm.

Peter Hampson spoke about his role as a defence lawyer and explained that just because somebody is accused of a crime it does not automatically mean that they are guilty. He then explained about the role of a duty solicitor and how he can be called to the police station to represent a client at any time of day or night.

After this lesson both solicitors went to meet the Year 7 law students. They asked the students what they had covered in their lessons so far and discovered that they had been learning about the structure of the legal system. In both lessons the students were polite, engaged and had a lot of questions to ask.

As a thank you to the staff and students at the school for letting Jordans provide them with a fun and interesting end of term Jordans have provided them with a discounted rate of their legal services and information packs on those services. Peter Kirrane has also agreed to speak with the staff at the school regarding their media productions in the form of providing sponsorship and any other help that is needed.

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