Earlier this month (November 2013) the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) reported that analysis of recent data revealed that the North East of England has seen the biggest increase in accident rates in 2012. The figures from the Department of Transport show an increase of 8% since 2011, which means another 65 seriously injured or killed incidents occurred.

Yorkshire and Humberside has seen a 2% increase resulting in the region becoming the worst for safety on the roads in the UK and being top of the accident rate table. Per head of population you are more likely to be seriously injured or killed in Yorkshire and Humberside than anywhere else in England.

In contrast, The South East has seen an 8% decrease in seriously injured or killed incidents. Last year the region was one of the worst for road safety but has made the biggest improvement. However, London did see an increase in the number of incidents in 2012.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said:”Drivers across England should not be at higher risk just because of where they live. Additional funding should be available to those areas with greater road safety problems. What we need is a national road safety body with full responsibility for monitoring progress and bringing together best practice so that everyone benefits equally from safer roads.”

Below is the accident rate table.

Rate of seriously injured or killed incidents per million population in 2012. 2011 figures in brackets.

Yorkshire and Humberside – 458 (448)
East Midlands – 454 (478)
South East – 453 (493)
East of England – 416 (414)
North West – 390 (419)
South West – 388 (368)
London – 363 (348)
North East – 353 (329)
West Midlands – 342 (366)

Christine Sands, Head of the Personal Injury Department comments “No one wants to be involved in a road accident but the figures clearly show that the risks in our region are higher than elsewhere in the country.  This level of increase year on year is completely unacceptable and we can only hope that the IAM’s message will get through to local and national government and road safety in Yorkshire and the Humberside can be given the attention and resources it deserves.”

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