On Wednesday 29th January we hosted the first ArtWalk of the year and, as with every ArtWalk, people were welcomed into our boardroom were the artist was on hand to talk about their work.

This time Adele Stephenson was displaying her work. The art will be on display until the next ArtWalk, which will be held on Wednesday 26th March 2014 5pm-8pm. If you would like to view the art please call our office on 01924 387110 to make sure the boardroom will be available. Our Wakefield office is open Monday — Friday 9am — 5pm.

Regarding her work Adele is interested in exploring and documenting the sensitivities of the body and the ways in which it reveals the hidden tensions of its social, geographical and psychological landscapes. Through asking questions about the effects of place and space upon the body, notions of identity and belonging have become integral to her work.

Her most recent work explores the drive to contain and control space. She believes that a place where objects are confined to a specific space through the physicality of making and arranging offers a metaphor for the containment and control of the body.

For more information and to view some pictures online please visit http://artwalk.org.uk/jordans-solicitors

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