A 64-year-old children’s football coach was arrested following the burglar who stole the tapes watching them and handing them into the police, after seeing that they depicted graphic scenes of child abuse.

The burglar had taken the tapes and an old Super 8 camera, on which the footage was apparently filmed, along with a number of other electrical items from the man’s home. After watching the footage, the thief called police from a public pay phone and directed them to the three tapes which he had put in a brown envelope and hidden under a parked car. Inside the envelope he included a note with the address of the home that had been robbed.

Police said the accused had lured some young members of the football team into watching pornography with him, then sexually abused them. Four children have been identified as victims of the alleged abuse, including a 16-year-old boy who may have been a victim since the age of 10.

When police searched the suspect’s home further tapes showing sexual abuse of young boys were found. He had reported the robbery and listed a number of stolen items, but had not mentioned the camera or tapes, police said.

The suspected pedophile, who lived alone, was arrested in Southern Spain. In a similar case a British man was jailed for three and half years in 2009 after the thieves who stole his laptop found child pornography on the device and turned it over to police.

If you suspect someone of owning and/or producing child pornography please see this blog listing people to contact.

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