On Thursday 27th February over 40 staff from across our four branches took part in a treasure hunt around Leeds city centre before enjoying drinks and a meal at Jamie’s Italian. The challenge commenced at 6:30pm with everyone meeting with their assigned group, each lead by a partner, and collected their instructions.

Each team left the Scarborough Hotel and headed towards their next destination. Tasks included; taking photographs of owls, buying items such as One Direction badges and fake moustaches, buying a drink and finding out what the perfect lover turns into at 4pm.

After the hunt teams had to call the event organiser, Cathy Cook, to stake their claim on winning and then head to the restaurant. It is hotly debated which team won with many of the partners insisting their team should take the title  However, as each team went on a different treasure hunt Cathy insists that everyone is a winner!

As a firm we would like to thank Jamie’s Italian for catering for such a large group, Cathy for organising the event and the partners for their generosity on an evening enjoyed by everyone who attended.

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