Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council have appointed a Barrister to conduct an independent review into allegations of sexual abuse in Rochdale.

The investigation is to be carried out into any premises owned, operated or managed by Rochdale Council; involving pupils or residents (under 18 years of age), attending an establishment funded by the Council and/or for which Council officers/employees were responsible and/or councillors were responsible, for which governors appointed by the Council were responsible.

The Barrister is tasked specifically with looking for patterns to abuse, whether the abuse of children was tolerated, facilitated or promoted by the Council, its officers or staff and whether there was a culture which inhibited proper investigation, exposure and prevention of abuse.

The period in question is 1961 to 1995 but if the investigation reveals a pattern of abuse or an attitude towards abuse in 1995 and afterwards, he is to include that information in his report.

If his report reveals any criminal activity, he is to report this to Greater Manchester Police.

His report has to be written by 31st July 2014.

If you have any information about physical or sexual abuse at any home or establishment in the Rochdale area between 1961 and 1995, please contact Jordans Solicitors on 01924 868911 or 0800 955 5094

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