House transfer or Conveyancing to give it a proper “legal” label is the method by which domestic property is transferred from one owner to another. Many agencies are involved such as Estate Agents, Building Societies and Surveyors.

The job of your Conveyancer is to look after the legal side of a property transaction and bring together all the elements of a move to ensure that you get to your new home with a minimum of fuss and effort as quickly as possible.

Moving house can be a difficult experience but at Jordans we have the staff, technical skills and understanding of property moves to keep your worries to a minimum. Our links to search providers and the Land Registry will help your move run faster and smoother.

Why does moving house take so long?

Buying a house is the biggest purchase you every make so it has to be right for you. Your Conveyancer will investigate all legal aspects of a move including searches, the contract you will sign, the title to the house you are buying and any ancillary documents, for example, planning permissions, guarantees for works done and any paperwork for window replacement, boiler and electrical work. Only when it is safe to proceed will your Conveyancer ask you to sign a contract. You may have a special time scale to work to and this will also need to be considered.

Why is the house not definitely mine even though it is sold “subject to contract”?

These words mean that there is not yet a concluded contract only a hope that there will be. The parties are at liberty to change the price or terms of sale for example items included in the price. When everyone in the chain is happy and ready to proceed a date is set and contracts are “exchanged”. Once exchange has occurred it is a done deal.

Why does the chain sometimes “collapse”?

A chain means there is more than one party involved in the move. You may be selling as well as buying and there will be other people below and above you. Everyone has their own problems and sometimes can not proceed due to legal, structural, personal or mortgage problems. If someone pulls out the chain “breaks” until a new person can be found. If everyone changes their mind and withdraws the whole chain collapses. This sometimes happens due to unforeseen circumstances but thankfully not that often.

What are disbursements?

Disbursements are costs that we pay to other companies, for example to see if there is a risk of flooding or if the property lies on contaminated land. If we paid for these on your behalf when the sale goes through they are non-refundable. However, if they show up something negative about a property you are buying it could save you a lot of money in the long term.

There are also other costs involved in conveyancing, including payments for searches, which vary depending on your choices and the property involved.

Why should I use Jordans?

At Jordans Solicitors our dedicated and experienced team are committed to efficient moving with as little stress to you as possible without sacrificing on quality of service. Our staff and systems deal with all aspects of property transfer and are ready to help you when you need us.

You can find more information on Residential Conveyancing and our team here or if you would like to discuss this guide please call 01924 387110. If you have an enquiry about our cost estimates either call us, or if you prefer, complete the form below and we will call at a time convenient for you.

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