In the news today we’ve heard how house prices in the UK are reaching an all time high but across the pond there’s a different story.

For the price of just an average home in Blighty you could buy an entire town in South Dakota. Located in Bennett County, Swett includes 6.16 acres of land, three trailers, a workshop, small bar and 1 house.

The town is being sold by businessman Lance Benson and on the market for $400,000 (£235,000). He bought it in 1998, and after giving it to his ex-wife when divorcing, claimed it back in 2012.

Two hours away from Rapid City, the small town had been more populous in the 1940s, with 40 living there. It also had a post office and a grocery store, but over the years people have moved on leaving it to just Benson, his wife and their dog Daisy. Although the town has shrunk, the bar pulls in patrons from further afield, being the gathering place for local cowboys and wheat growers.

If he doesn’t sell in a year, Benson will likely hold on to the town. However, there has already been strong interest from across the country. A production company has even reportedly been in touch wanting to shoot a film there.

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