With the media focus being on the extent of the problem of hidden child abuse and exploitation. The police are now involved in unprecedented enquiries and investigations into how widespread this is.

Anyone suspecting a child may be suffering from abuse has a moral duty to try to safeguard that child and alert the relevant authorities. This may be a confidential chat with a school teacher or head of school or a confidential or anonymous call to the local authority Children and Young People’s service.

Many charities such as the NSPCC and Safer Network offer confidential advice as to how and where to report concerns a person may have about a particular child or vulnerable person.

Clearly, if someone is concerned or suspects a child may be being abused or in danger then they should not hesitate to contact the police. The police are becoming more equipped to deal with these types of reports and will follow up such concerns quickly and diligently.

The police are greatly helped by communities and individuals sharing information with them and any information will be followed up and investigated. It is the duty of everyone to report any concerns as soon as they can, this can only be a helpful move in making sure that children remain safe. Please refer to our article on how to recognise the signs of abuse.

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