For those who have beenfortunate enough never to have suffered from an accident that was not their fault they may be tempted to view those who have and then made a claim as trying to get rich quick. However, a personal injury remains a matter much bigger and with far more wide ranging and complex issues attached to it than the “where there’s blame, there’s a claim” call to action.

Personal injury is a lot more personal than just picking up the phone to make a claim. For every personal injury claim there is a story behind it, a real person whose life has been made more difficult when they were not at fault.

There is a price to be paid for personal injury and it is not a monetary one. After an accident some people can no longer bend down to pick up their child, lift shopping into the car or even get out of bed without having to think about how to do it.

With the help of a solicitor the process of making a claim is more straightforward than talking to a ‘claims handler’ on the phone. To establish your case we will ask you;

  • the date of the accident, the where and how
  • the contact details of witnesses, if any
  • details of all injuries along with medical diagnosis and treatment
  • proof of loss of earnings or other financial expenses as a result of your injury
  • insurance documents (house, motor etc.) to check whether they will cover the cost of claim
  • other document data (photographs) that might support your claim

With this information we can assess if you are likely to be successful in claiming compensation and how much you might be entitled to. We will also explain the costs involved, such as ‘no win, no fee’, and the process and timescale of taking your claim further. Most importantly, you will have met the person who will be taking your case on and will be given their contact number.

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