For any victim of abuse, coming forward and telling someone what happened is a very difficult first step. Solicitor Lee Fannon explained that at Jordan’s Solicitors we do all we can to ensure sensitivity and confidentiality for the client are paramount, regardless of gender.

Male victims of abuse often concern themselves with the perceived stigma that they would considered weak or vulnerable when telling someone about abuse they have suffered.

Lee said: “A large number of our client’s at Jordan’s are male and come from a range of different backgrounds with a range of different experiences.

“Coming forward and saying what happened is extremely difficult and it may be the biggest challenge that our clients would face.”

At Jordan’s we have both male and female members of staff, so if a client has a gender preference they feel more comfortable dealing with, it can be arranged without issue.

Lee added: “The important thing for anyone deciding what to do is to look at what they want to achieve when coming forward and telling their story. At Jordans we can help clients claim civil compensation and that can, for example, include pursuing claims to help with the costs of counselling or other treatment programmes. There are also many organisations that help victims of abuse in many different ways.”

“A number of our client’s are also seeking justice against the people responsible for their abuse. In general this means that a report should be made to the Police who can then investigate. It can be very difficult to find the strength needed to do take that sort of step. Telling anyone is always a very personal matter and the right course of action may be dependant on the client’s personal views.

Head of Jordan’s Child Abuse Department Christine Sands said: “With a growing number of cases reported in the media, it seems that we are seeing a change in attitudes and that the Police and other organisations are taking an increasingly serious approach to handling allegations of abuse in the future.”

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