Recovery from a head or brain injury can take a long time. During the recovery and rehabilitation process, it is likely the individual seeking compensation will be suffering losses in the form of lost earnings and incurring expenses. Fortunately, in cases where the person or organisation responsible for the injury admits they are at fault, it is possible to obtain an interim payment of the compensation.

On occasions, these compensation payments are made on a voluntary basis, by the insurer of the responsible person or organisation. However, there are times when an application has to be made to the court, to persuade the latter that the responsible party should make a payment.

About five years ago, the process was made more difficult by a decision of the Court of Appeal, and since that time there have been battles in individual cases to obtain sufficient monies for those seeking compensation. The vast majority of those battles have concerned people seeking brain injury compensation and spinal injury compensation, but the principle of being able to apply for interim payments of compensation applies equally to other cases, such as acoustic shock claims, child injury claims, PIP breast implant claims, hip replacement claims, sports injury claims and medical negligence claims.

Article Source: The Lawyer 9/10/14

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