Abuse victims can often feel that justice is no longer available to them because the person they have accused has died. Solicitor Lee Fannon explains that it does not necessarily prevent a claim for compensation being made and at Jordans Solicitors we can advise you on the different ways a case such as this can be looked at.

The scenario where an abuser has died can often lead to victims of abuse believing their potential abuse claim is not likely to achieve anything.

Lee said: “To give clear advice in this area we must first assess an individual’s circumstances. The death of an alleged abuser can increase the difficulty in achieving a satisfactory conclusion, however it is not always the case that it prevents a claim being made.

“Context is important in this scenario. Getting proper advice and provide your solicitor with as much information about their abuse and the facts of your case can be really helpful. If there’s a history of the abuser being convicted of abuse in the past or if there were witnesses, there may still be a chance that we can help to recover compensation.

“It is also important when we speak to our clients what they want to achieve from a possible claim and there limits to what can be done. The death of the abuser is an important factor, but the fact they are deceased is not always the end of things. The availability of evidence, the circumstances in which the abuse occurred and many other factors can have a big impact on the advice we can give”

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