A paedophile who built up an established network of care homes has been accused of supplying boys for Westminster sex parties.

John Allen, 73, was convicted last week at Mold Crown Court of 33 sex offences against children in his care.

The court heard how he ran an oppressive regime where he deprived children who spoke out against the abuse of food and water.

He has now been named by a former council leader as being suspected of supplying boys to other paedophiles, including those allegedly held for prominent politicians at Dolphin Square in central London.

Dennis Parry, a former leader of Clwyd county council, told the Sunday Times: ‘My information was that not only was he an abuser, he was a supplier. There was movement between Holland and this country, and Dolphin Square was part of the set-up.’

Mr Parry, who commissioned the Jillings report in the early 1990s which looked in to abuse allegations in north Wales children’s homes, added: ‘There was a guy – whose names hasn’t come up so far – and he was working within that Dolphin Square system.

‘My information was he was the one who collected the young people and took them to Dolphin Square…his links were with our part of north Wales and others.’

Upmarket Dolphin Square, an apartment block in Pimlico, was once where many Members of Parliament had their London homes. At one point the flats were home to up to 70 MPs and around 10 lords.

In July, two victims of alleged child abuse claimed they were raped by MPs after they were plied with whisky at Dolphin Square, a short walk from the Commons. One of the men told how the MPs held his head under water as they raped him.

Then, earlier this month it was revealed that detectives are investigating claims three boys died during abuse at the parties, which were allegedly attended by a Conservative MP.

Allen is due to be sentenced on 1st December and may receive a life term.

His case was the first to come to court under Operation Pallial, a fresh investigation into historic allegations of North Wales child abuse.

This is not the first time Allen has been convicted of child abuse, as there had been two previous investigations into the former care home boss.

One led to his conviction in 1995 of six counts of indecent assault against six boys, aged between 12 and 16, in the 1970s, which led to him being jailed for six years.

He faced a further 44 charges in 2003 but these were dropped after a judge ruled the time lapse meant he would not face a fair trial.

After that, he went into hiding. By 2012 he was found working as a night porter at a Premier Inn hotel living alone in a £120,000 one-bedroom rented flat in Needham Market, near Ipswich.

He was then the first arrested under Operation Pallial in April 2013 about 45 years after he started his children’s care homes empire, which had an annual turnover of £2.7million.

In 1968 Allen, a hotelier with no background in child care, set up the Bryn Alyn care home. Over the next 20 years, he created 11 homes in and around the Wrexham area.

At its height, the capacity of the whole of the Bryn Alyn Community was approximately 100 to 120 children.

Many of the abuse allegations took place at three homes — Bryn Alyn, Pentre Season and Bryn Tirion, but mainly at Bryn Alyn. Allen was aged in his 30s and 40s, and the children’s ages ranged from seven to 15.

When Operation Pallial launched, more victims came forward claiming to have been abused at the hands of Allen.

During his recent trial at Mold Crown Court Allen denied all 40 charges against him, including indecent assault, indecency with a child and buggery and attempted buggery.

He labelled his victims ‘fantasists’ wanting compensation who were blaming him for things that had gone wrong in their lives.

Twenty former Bryn Alyn residents — 19 boys and a girl aged between seven and 15 at the time — who had lived at the homes between 1968 and 1991 spoke out in court.

Ian Mulcahey, senior investigating officer with Operation Pallial, the police inquiry into child sexual abuse in Welsh care homes, said: ‘John Allen abused vulnerable children he was entrusted to protect.

‘He was a violent man, which he used towards children in his care. In spite of the verdicts, the impact on the lives of those John Allen abused may never be undone.’

Article source: Daily Mail 30/11/14

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