Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary, reveals that the NHS is facing a huge amount of
pressure as new figures show that Accident and Emergency Departments have
missed the waiting time target of 95% of patients been seen within 4 hours. Performance has dropped to an all time low for the past decade.

Until 2010, hospitals were obliged to treat 98% of patients within 4 hours, but the
coalition Government relaxed this to 95% .

NHS England warned that the service could be under pressure for the next few weeks. Dr Sarah Pinto-Duschinsky, Director of Operations and delivery for NHS England, said that the flu season meant the NHS had been treating “more patients
than ever before.” Flu being at its peak for the last three winters.

There are concerns that hospitals are not coping and steps being taken to deal with the extra demand include bringing in extra staff and cancelling non-emergency care, such as routine operations.

Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, said that patients were being exposed to unacceptable levels of risk and blamed the Government’s severe level of cuts to social care.

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