This month Cognitiv have featured Head of Company and Commercial, Cathy Cook, on their website and newsletter under the members spotlight. You can read the interview below and find more information on Cognitiv here.

Sum up your business in just a couple of sentences?

Jordans Solicitors are a West Yorkshire law firm with offices in Wakefield, Dewsbury and Horsforth. We provide both business and individual legal advice.

Can you provide details of your core services, including any client/sector examples?

I provide legal advice in relation to company and commercial matters and act for sellers and buyers of businesses and private companies. I also advise clients negotiating commercial contracts with particular focus on the IT, ecommerce and data service industries. I mainly act for owner managed businesses and, on the commercial side, a number of my clients provide services to the large retailers based in the Yorkshire area.

What excites you about your business and the work that you do?

I really like completing business sales and the satisfaction of either negotiating a successful exit or working with clients taking on new opportunities. The time taken to complete a transaction is always underestimated and the relief when all issues are finally resolved and a transaction is completed is intense.

Tell us about a recent project?

I worked for a family disposing of their interest in a family company. They had been working towards the exit for over 3 years and the buyer was raising the majority of the cash for the purchase from the assets of the target company. I needed to ensure that the family interests were protected while the cash was released to enable the transaction to proceed. The family were hugely relieved when it finally competed.

What one piece of work are you most proud of?

It is always the last piece of work I complete.

Why have you chosen to become a member of Cognitiv?

I really value the not for profit organisations such as Beam and Unity Works working to support creative businesses in Wakefield and I wanted to get the message across that those businesses can get accessible, cost effective relevant legal advice in Wakefield.

What are the biggest issues faced by your sector/CDIT sector?

For start up CDIT it is being able to protect themselves legally when contracting with clients and being able to get cost effective specialist legal advice.

What are the biggest opportunities for your sector/CDIT sector?

For me, it is the fact that there are so many businesses who need legal advice in this area and knowing that they can get that advice for me in Wakefield without heading into Leeds or Sheffield.

What do you enjoy the most about working in Wakefield?

I really like the close knit business community and the will to make Wakefield a success.

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