I thought I would share my recent experiences of property transactions to highlight the pitfalls in not choosing the right person to deal with your sale or purchase.
All firms and personnel are not the same and price is rarely the determining
factor. Below are some of the issues encountered and points that were missed:

1.Misunderstanding of guarantee/warranty on new build house and the need for one

2.Inability to understand the extent of the property being purchased

3.Inability to appreciate that evidence of compliance with planning permission and building regulation consent is essential for new or converted houses or where
alterations have been made or the use is to alter

4.Inability to consider whether adequate rights are in place so that the property can be enjoyed and to consider restrictions that may affect its use

5.Failure to consider search results and whether properties are within conservation areas or are affected by local proposals that may interfere with use

6.Failure to consider information provided by sellers and convey this to buyers to ensure that it accords with what is expected

All of the matters listed could affect value, could impact on use and enjoyment and cause problems for owners when they come to sell.  All of the matters listed can be avoided by choosing experienced personnel who have sufficient training and support and give transactions the time and attention that is necessary.

Jordans are a Lexcel accredited firm and provide clear up front pricing, highly experienced staff and one point of contact to deal with all aspects of the property transaction. We pride ourselves on local knowledge and a personal service and providing advice that is accurate, understandable and comprehensive to avoid the problems identified.

Article by Juliette Fisher 22/01/15

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