Jordans Solicitors will again be taking part in the bi-monthly ArtWalk. On Wednesday 25th March our King Street boardroom will be open to the public, 5-8pm.

For the second ArtWalk of 2015 we have Hoshi Dee displaying her work. We hope you can join us to view her work and ask some questions!

Having studied drawing at The Slade in London during her ‘99-‘02 Science degree, when the opportunity arose to take up life drawing again, 3 years ago, she
did. Since then, through the brilliant local scheme of the Wakefield Artwalk, she has met and formed links with various local artists and bodies whom have encouraged her recent endeavours; combining traditional life and nature  drawing techniques, with the line, colour and energy of more modern art forms, such as Manga — which she studied whilst at The Slade.

Preferring to apply light on a dark background, she is currently using paint pens and fade/water resistant paper. She also sometimes uses more traditional media, her preferred being: charcoal and India ink.

Being a science teacher by day, it seems natural that she would find people and animals most fascinating to draw: enjoying using simple lines to bring out the intricate curves of her subjects. Her most recent works have been studies of  British birds, tying in with one of her hobbies of bird watching.

If you are unable to make the ArtWalk but would like to view the work please call 01924 387110 to make sure the boardroom is avaliable. To find more information on the ArtWalk visit here.

An example of Hoshi Dee's work

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