Following on from our last article, on Wednesday 27th May Jordans Solicitors again took part in the bi-monthly ArtWalk, with our King Street boardroom being open to the public throughout the evening.

For this event we had Thomas Young displaying his work. Thomas’s artistic statement is:

“Thomas Young’s work seeks to express the ever-present anxiety of living life in the modern world. His painterly style is influenced by artists such as Lucien Freud, Edvard Munch, Alberto Giacometti, and by the portraiture of LS Lowry. His work explores the plastic values of paint, luxuriating in the physical properties of the paint itself. Utilising expressionistic brushwork, Young is keenly interested in the ability of the paint to contain a mood. The combination of figurative imagery and bold, almost abstract mark-making enables him to depict what he refers to as ‘the depressive society’, capturing specific moments and likenesses with a rare intensity.”

If you were unable to make the ArtWalk but would like to view any of Thomas’s work please call 01924 387110 to make sure the boardroom is available. To find more information on the next ArtWalk click here

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