Simon Lindley

Questioning the figure that your lawyer has recommended that you settle your personal injury claim for may seem like a daunting prospect, but if you feel the compensation you accepted for your injuries and losses is inadequate, our expert professional negligence team at Jordans Solicitors, headed by Simon Lindley (left)  may be able to help.

Solicitors, like other professionals, are held to rigorous standards and it is important they explore all facets of your personal injury claim. This includes all injuries suffered and ensuring that you are sufficiently compensated for all elements of your accident and not just part. Areas that are sometimes glossed over include travel anxiety, depression and chronic pain. If your lawyer has not taken these components into account then he has not acted in your best interests. Expenses incurred in travel alone can amount to thousands of pounds and failure to acknowledge those can lead to a case being massively under-settled.

Jordans take calls frequently from disgruntled clients from other firms of solicitors who tell us that they have either never met their lawyer or have had their file passed around so many “handlers” that they have lost track. They feel they are not adequately updated and are sometimes informed that their three-year limitation period is about to expire shortly before deadline. They are then advised to hastily accept an offer to avoid receiving nothing at all.

The Courts took a stance on law firms treating personal injury claims as a simple administrative process in the case of Proctor v Raleys Solicitors. It was held that failing to adequately advise a client or helping them to properly understand their situation is professionally negligent and can land a firm in hot water. Furnishing a client with a short letter and form to sign ensuring that they effectively consent to the settlement the lawyer has advised can be negligent unless you as a client are aware what you are signing and why.

If you believe your solicitors have negligently advised you in relation to the value of your personal injury case than our specialist professional negligence lawyers at Jordans are on hand to provide proper advice. Contact our offices today on 01924 457171 or email your details to and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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