The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal stunned the British public not least because of the scale of abuse that has been uncovered. Victims who came forward and reported allegations to the police in 2014 can look to pursue compensation, with the assistance of Jordans Solicitors, through a largely uncomplicated method.

Rotherham is one of several cases of child sexual exploitation to make the news in the past two years. In all these cases the victims, more often than not girls aged 11 to 16, were subjected to sexual exploitation by groups of men who use alcohol and drugs to lure them into abusive relationships. Investigations into many of these cases have now resulted in convictions for the perpetrators.

Often, victims have suffered extreme and potentially lifelong injury and damage, and understandably, should turn to the possibility of compensation. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICA) is a government funded scheme designed to compensate blameless victims of violent crime in Great Britain. The scheme offers a method of claiming compensation without many of the procedural intricacies of a civil claim.
An imperative factor when looking to pursue a claim using this route is that the incident must have been reported to the police. The Applicant then has two years from that date to bring a claim. The time limit can be waived in exceptional circumstances.

For example, medical evidence that shows lasting effects from the injury that have rendered an applicant unable to manage their own affairs or consider something as involved as a claim for compensation.

Our expert abuse team at Jordans Solicitors are happy to discuss the merits of your potential claim with you and assist in putting together an application that will seek to achieve the best possible outcome in accordance with the CICA tariff. A CICA application can also be run alongside a civil claim, so if our team see merit in looking at both options you will be advised on that.

If you would like to speak with an advisor immediately, call the team on 01924 868911.

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