David Hanvey and Eileen Young will be showing their work at the Wakefield office of Jordans Solicitors as part of the Wakefield Artwalk on 30 September 2015.

David and Eileen are Wakefield based artists who like to do project based photography. The exhibition for the Artwalk is called ‘Walton Back to Nature’. David spent a year or so photographing Walton Nature Park which is on the east side of the city. The park used to be Walton Colliery but was closed in 1983 and reopened as a nature park. Thirty years of nature taking back the site has transformed it into a very beautiful area. Most of these photographs were taken in the early morning winter light and are black and white images as he felt this encompassed the feel of a winter dawn.

Eileen has a collection of fine art flower photographs, the striking colours of which complement the black and white landscape photographs and will form part of the work exhibited.

Their recent joint projects include ‘Thirty Years On’, which was a documentary record showing the local colliery sites 30 years ago and now. It was exhibited at the Banners Held High event in May which commemorated the end of the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike. A couple of the Walton photographs were included in this exhibition as it was originally a colliery site.

They are currently working on a joint project documenting the course of the River Calder, called ‘People and Places along the Calder’ which they hope to show at a later date.

Examples of their work can be seen below. For further details, please visit their website at www.looselight.co.uk

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