A senior politician has commented that police should seek to save money by investigating less historic sex abuse cases.

The comment appears to have come from the culmination of cuts to police funding and increased need for security following recent terror attacks.

Speaking to BBC’s Sunday Politics, Conservative peer Nigel Lawson commented: “Security is essential… If you look at how much the police are spending now on chasing up often unsubstantiated accusations of historic sex abuse, that’s got nothing to do with security. Those resources should be put where the need is.”

Whilst it is correct that security is essential, we do not agree that any accusation into historic sex abuse should be ignored or written off as ‘unsubstantiated’. At Jordans Solicitors, our expert team of abuse lawyers deal with hundreds of cases of historic sex abuse, and understand that such investigations can take some time and considerable resources.

We agree that police resources should be used to further national security, however we would stress that investigations into historic abuse should not be halted or slowed, as this would result in victims seeking justice being made victims once again.

Instead we strongly believe that every accusation of historic abuse should be thoroughly investigated to ensure justice to victims, and in some cases, to prevent further abuse.

If you have been affected by historic abuse, and would like any further information on how our experienced lawyers could help you, you can contact us in confidence on 0800 9555 094.

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