An investigation into indecent images of children on the Internet has resulted in hundreds of professionals being arrested as suspects.

682 people have been arrested up and down the country for accessing or possessing indecent images of children. More shocking however, is that approximately one seventh of those people held positions of trust.

We have written many times in the past about the growing trend of people abusing positions of trust in order to abuse children – recent stories include that of the teaching assistant, Caroline Berriman who was jailed for engaging in sexual activity with a student and the Childrens Commissioner’s report that around 67% of such cases occurred “within families or their trusted circles. However the extent of this is unprecedented. It is an increasingly worrying trend whereby children are not being approached or abused by strangers that they know to be wary of, but are being abuse by the very people that they should be able to trust.

The people that have been arrested in this investigation include teachers, medical professionals, care workers, law enforcement officers, and people holding roles in government, the army and the criminal justice system. Of those, only 7% were previously known to the police, and the 636 people not known to the police could have continued offending without ever being known were it not for this investigation.

The investigation involved 40 police forces and the National Crime Agency, and all of the people arrested are suspected to have accessed indecent images of children online. At Jordans Solicitors we are pleased to see that such investigations are taking place in order to tackle what seems to be a rise in child abuse activities.

We are committed to helping the victims of child abuse and ensuring that should such crimes occur against them, they are able to seek justice. If you have been affected by abuse, contact our specialist team of abuse lawyers in confidence on 0800 9555 094.

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