David Pendlebury, 52, admitted one count of rape and ten counts of sexual activity with a child at Liverpool Crown Court after grooming a 12 year old schoolboy and continuing the abuse until the boy was 15.

The court heard how Pendlebury befriended the child and played squash with him, as well providing the boy with gifts such as computer games, as he began abusing the boy with increasingly serious sexual advances.

The concerns of the boy’s mother fell on deaf ears and her attempts to stop contact between her child and the paedophile were thwarted when he began to pay the boy £50 a month to remain complicit in the abuse.

Pendlebury wept as he described that he had been disowned by his family. This was of little comfort to the victim’s mother however, who described how Pendlebury had ‘ruined her son’s childhood’ and left her feeling ‘angry, hurt and betrayed’.

Judge Dennis Watson told Pendlebury “your conduct in taking control over him is grotesque and utterly depraved. The harm you have caused is likely significant.” In saying this, the judge sentenced Pendlebury to nine years in jail with an additional four year licence term, an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order, and ruled that he must sign the Sex Offender Register for life.

We hope that the victim and his mother will have some consolation knowing that justice had been served and Pendlebury is now serving a substantial jail term. In coming forward, they may well have prevented this abuser from ruining more innocent childhoods. Pendlebury had previously been convicted of abusing a 15 year old boy.

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