Radio DJ Neil Fox has been cleared of 10 historic sex abuse charges against 6 women at Westminster Crown Court.

Fox had always denied that he ever committed the crimes, and has now been vindicated. A number of issues have been raised as a result, some of which are below:

  • The handling of these cases by police, especially in the case of ‘celebrities’
  • How much weight can be placed on ‘historic memories’
  • Whether convictions of historic abuse are safe

The reasons for these issues are clear, the concern is that allegations are being made up for financial gain. As a result, some believe that historic offences should be left in the past.

We do not agree with this stance at all. Whilst we agree that false allegations can undoubtedly harm the cases of those who are genuine victims of crime, we believe that the same could be said for any offence, not just historic abuse and that this is just an easy target.

Accordingly, the chance of an allegation being false should not prevent investigations and should never deter genuine victims from coming forward.

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