We wrote yesterday about Lord Janner, an 87 year old dementia sufferer who is alleged to have carried out 21 sexual offences against children under 16 years of age between the 1960s and 1980s.

High Court judge Peter Openshaw ruled yesterday that Lord Janner was unfit to stand trial due to his “advanced and disabling dementia”. The decision was made following a review of a medical report carried out to assess Lord Janner’s dementia which said that he was now “often bewildered by simple requests”.

While it is disappointing that Lord Janner will not stand trial, we note that a trial of facts is still set to take place in April next year, where a jury will still be able to hear the evidence and decide whether Lord Janner is guilty, but will unable to convict him.

Lord Janner may be unable to enter a plea, and may be unable to be convicted, but it is encouraging to see that the truth will still come out, allowing some degree of closure for the courageous victims that came forward in this matter and allowing some degree of justice to be served.

We hope that this case will show all abusers that they cannot hide behind their age and ill-health if they have committed these crimes, the truth will still come out. At Jordans Solicitors, our expert team of lawyers is dedicated to ensuring victims have a voice and justice is served; if you have been affected by historic abuse, contact a member of our specialist team of abuse lawyers in confidence on 0800 9555 094

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