A judge will hear today details of Lord Janner’s dementia, in order to rule whether he is fit to stand trial for historic child sex offences.

Lord Janner, 87, is alleged to have committed 21 sexual offences against children under 16 years of age between the 1960’s and 1980’s.

The Crown Prosecution service had originally decided not to continue with the charges against Lord Janner due to his age and ill-health, however this was overturned following a review of the case.

There are countless cases where it is decided that due to age or health, the alleged criminal will not be prosecuted. This results in a grave injustice, as victims are unable to seek closure, despite having had the strength to come forward with details of their abuse. It is encouraging to see therefore that this case will now be heard before a judge for the ultimate decision as to whether the alleged abuser is fit to stand trial; and the alleged abuser will not evade scrutiny merely due to his old age and ill-health.

Of course it can be seen why a case might not be heard against a dementia sufferer; their ability to defend their claim would at the very least be prejudiced, and at most, impossible. At Jordans Solicitors however, we do not believe that such decisions should be taken lightly.

We understand and appreciate how difficult it is for victims to come forward and speak about their abuse, and strongly support the stance taken by the judge in Lord Janner’s case, which is that if it is decided that Lord Janner is unfit to stand trial, the public are “entitled to know” why. This will no doubt reduce unfairness in these circumstances.

At Jordans Solicitors, we deal with hundreds of cases of historic child abuse, concerning both physical and sexual abuse against children in schools, homes and other institutions. Our expert team of lawyers are on hand to provide help and advice regarding seeking justice; if you or anyone you know has been affected by historic abuse, contact us on 0800 9555 094 to speak to one of our specialist abuse lawyers in confidence.

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