A Hartlepool man has been found not only with hundreds of sickening images of child abuse, but also found to be advising other paedophiles on how to abuse children.

Garry Mallabar (42) who is unemployed, claimed to have been attempting to gather evidence on paedophiles while he was pretending to be the father of a nine year old boy and the mother of a two year old girl, both of which he claimed to be preparing for abuse which others could then join in with. Under these pretences, Mallabar detailed his fantasies of abusing children to other paedophiles.

Mallabar was found with over 200 Category A images (both still and moving) of child pornography. These are the most serious kind of indecent images, and involved images portraying visibly distressed children being physically and sexually abused.

Mallabar was jailed for three and a  half years after admitting making and possessing indecent images, possessing with a view to distribute, five counts of publishing obscene articles and possession of a paedophile manual — a new charge under section 69 Serious Crime Act 2015. He must also now remain on the sex offenders’ register for life.

Possession of Paedophile Manual

While the law has prevented possession of indecent images, there has been increasing concern over the circulation of written material which advises paedophiles on all aspects of child abuse from where to find children and how to groom them, to how to evade capture and medical aspects of abuse.

It is quite alarming to know that such information not only exists, but is being shared and produced around the world, endangering more are more children as it continues. Section 69 Serious Crime Act 2015 has made it “an offence to be in possession of any item that contains advice or guidance about abusing children sexually.”

We are re-assured that this crime has been recognised and introduced as a further measure in the safeguarding of children. If you have been affected by child abuse, contact the specialist team of abuse lawyers at Jordans Solicitors to speak to us in confidence. Our expert team of lawyers can be contacted by calling 0800 9555 094.

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