DJ Tony Blackburn, who has had a 50 year radio career at the BBC, has been dismissed over the BBC’s Savile Inquiry.

Radio DJ Tony Blackburn, who has worked as a BBC radio presenter for almost 50 years, has today said that he will be suing the BBC over their decision to dismiss him over the Savile abuse inquiry. Mr Blackburn has said that the Dame Smith report into the Savile Inquiry alleges that he, along with other celebrities seduced a 15 year old girl in 1971. He denies this and states “Dame Janet’s report makes no mention that I was guilty 45 years ago of any misconduct whatsoever with this girl.”

Indeed the allegation made against Mr Blackburn in 1971 was quickly withdrawn, and Mr Blackburn says: “The BBC have made clear that they are not terminating my relationship with them because of some misconduct. They are destroying my career and reputation because my version of events does not tally with theirs.”

The BBC Director General, Tony Hall, has said that Mr Blackburn did not co-operate fully with Dame Smith’s inquiry, commenting that “as Dame Janet has said, she’s rejected his evidence and she’s explained very clearly why. I have to take that extremely seriously… Tony Blackburn fell short of the standards of evidence that such an inquiry demanded.”

The issue in question it seems is whether Mr Blackburn was interviewed by senior BBC figures in 1971 about the allegations of the 15 year old. The BBC records state that he was, Mr Blackburn has said that he has “repeatedly told Dame Janet and the BBC [that he] was never interviewed by either man.”

Whatever the case may be, we hope that the truth will come to light soon, to ensure that anyone that has been wronged in this saga achieves justice. Jordans Solicitors act for victims of historic abuse in order to bring relevant parties to justice and obtain compensation for the survivors of such abuse. We fully support any inquiries and investigations into abuse, no matter how long ago it occurred, to ensure that the truth comes out and justice is achieved.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by historic abuse and would like further information or advice regarding seeking justice, please contact our specialist team of child abuse lawyers on 0800 9555 094.

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