The next Wakefield ArtWalk will take place on Wednesday 30 March, 5pm – 8pm, at our King Street office.

Please join us for drinks and nibbles, and find out more about the work of Rachel Champan by having a chat with the artist herself.

Rachel Chapman - Artwalk(1)     Rachel Chapman - Artwalk(2)

Rachel Chapman: Artist Statement

Rachel is inspired by the beauty of nature. This could be a dramatic sunset, powerful waterfall or a delicate flower; all have their own unique qualities. Often Rachel paints a close-up of her chosen subject matter which allows her to explore the texture, line and colour in more detail.

Rachel’s favourite medium is acrylic paint. It dries quickly, so can be worked over in a short space of time. She often works from photographs which she has taken herself. Rachel then zooms in on certain parts of a scene in order to focus on the detail.

Rachel’s most recent Bubbles Series consists of vivid coloured backgrounds and floating bubbles. The colours represent the emotion of the piece, whilst the delicate and beautiful spheres of the bubbles symbolise a soaring freedom.


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