Thousands of people are unaware that although they have been divorced for years their ex may still claim a share of their assets. If you have not had professional legal advice and did not properly formalise a financial agreement, the door may still be open for them to claim a share of your assets.

In a Supreme Court judgment last year, it was confirmed that there was no time limit on an ex-spouse making a financial claim. In that case, the couple had been divorced for 18 years. At the time neither of them had any assets, but over a decade after they separated his green energy business took off. Decades after they separated, he was a multi-millionaire and his ex-wife had made a claim.

You may not be expecting to become a hugely successful entrepreneur or a lottery winner, but the future is always uncertain. You may have an amicable relationship with your ex-spouse and be confident that they have no intention of making a claim now, but circumstances change. If you came into a lot of money, if they fell on hard times, or if you fell out over arrangements for the children, you may find a court application coming through your letterbox.

The only way to be certain that your ex-spouse will not make a claim in the future is to formalise your agreement in a document called a consent order. Only through a order can you achieve a true financial ‘clean break’ so that you can move on with your life without looking over your shoulder.

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